Dr. Ivan Rwomushana is the Global Lead – Pest Preparedness and one of
the Global Team Leaders for PlantwisePlus Programme at CAB International
(CABI), based at CABI’s Africa Regional Centre, Nairobi, Kenya. An
entomologist by training, Ivan’s work focuses on the development of
pest preparedness and response strategic actions with a focus to
predict, prevent, prepare for and manage biological invasions in
agriculture and the environment. He also undertakes research for the
development of climate resilient IPM strategies for the management of
invasive insect pests that constrain crop production in the CABI member
countries, spread across Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. He
employs basic and applied research to unravel the invasion biology and
ecology of invasive pests of agricultural crops, and the development of
lower risk IPM options with a strong inclination towards nature-based
solutions, such as biological control and the use of biopesticides. The
overall goal of his work is to improve Plant Health by reducing pest
risk, and providing farmers with novel pest management solutions, that
reduce the heavy reliance on chemical pesticides. Ivan has over 80
refereed publications focusing on understanding invasive species and
their sustainable management.

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