Association of Kenyan Entomologists (AKE)

Association of Kenyan Entomologists (AKE) is a registered professional organization for all insect scientists in Kenya. AKE was legally registered under the Societies Act, Cap 108 of 1968 in 2023. Ake exists to empower the society through utilization of insect science and its related applications. AKE membership is drawn from seasoned Experts, Senior University Administrators and Council members’, Scholars, Lecturers, Industry Experts, Researchers, Postgraduate Students, Undergraduate Students and Field Entomologists. Members are drawn from diverse backgrounds such as Crop protection, IPM, Commercial insects, soil science, crop breeding, pathology, biodiversity management, Ecology and biosystematics. The day to day affairs are managed by a 16- Member Governing council led by Dr. Muo Kasina, Dr. Namikoye Samita (Treasurer),  Dr. Esther Kioko (  Secretary) and Mr. Eric Muthama (Programs coordinator).

Contacts; 0738 199 323 /0712005778